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Imabari” has been the mecca of premium quality towels in Japan for over 120 years.  The region is protected by the government to preserve its natural status.  In creating every Amane Towel we only use Japanese Imabari Cotton, traditional craft and the most environmentally friendly processes.  amane Imabari Towels are made using the “TZ enzyme method,” as a result chemical agents are not used during the scouring process – this process also enhances the absorbency of our towels.  In fact only the finest cotton that can absorbed 5 times it weight in water are used.

When you hold one of our towels you will be surprised by how soft, light and pleasant they feel.  We like to say “kinder to nature, kinder to you” -  working in harmony with nature! 

Only the best earn the “Imabari Quality Seal"

Imabari Organic Towels Amane Heavenly Rain






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Super Soft, Super Absorbent, Super Light...

amane Imabari Towels are made with soft, 5x absorbent, non-twist imabari yarn - helping keep your towels lighter, softer, longer…  Imabari is a special region in Japan where protection of 120 year traditional methods and nature are respected.

When you hold one of our towels you will be surprised by how soft, light and pleasant they feel – you’ll appreciate the benefits of our “kind-to-nature” approach. 

Nature, Tradition and craftsmanship... 

Excellent water absorption, natural materials, processes and traditional craft are proof of Imabari’s commitment to quality.  Using nature's finest materials our craftsmen create masterpieces of towels.  

The famous “Imabari logo” is only awarded to the highest-quality towels that meet the quality standards established by the Imabari Towel Industry Union, which are performed in the Imabari towel production area from production to quality control.

Amane Towels Quality 5 second rule

5 second rule...

It is a standard to protect quality.  Imabari towel however has even higher standards to ensure your enjoy the best experience.  For example, "5 second rule". Whether the towel pieces start sinking within 5 seconds when floated on water. This is one of the quality standards uniquely set in the production area in order to guarantee "water absorption", which is the most important feature of Imabari towels. Only products that meet these criteria can bear the Imabari towel brand mark.

Amane Imabari Organic Cotton Towels

The world's best
 cotton towel...

This towel is made using Japanese organic cotton.  Extremely rare cotton - it is one of the longest organic cottons in the world with a fiber length of 38.7 mm.  The longer the fiber length, the more fluffy and supple the towel will be.
It has a moderately slim feel and is comfortable and soft, which is a material that distinguishes it from conventional organic cotton.

*Organic cotton is cotton grown with organic fertilizer for over 3 years without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Amane Imabari Organic Cotton Yarn

Human and eco-friendly processing...

The TZ enzyme method is used in the process called "scouring" to remove oils and impurities contained in the yarn and draw out water absorbency.
It is refined with the power of acid and oxygen, which is about the same level as cooking vinegar, and because it does not use chemicals that are harmful to the human body, it has a low environmental burden and does not damage fibers.

eco friendly process

Reducing Co2 that warms the earth...

After reviewing the various processes and energies used in making a towel... we adapted methods that help reduce Co2 (carbon dioxide) to stop global warming as much as possible.  From scouring, bleaching and finishing towels, we use methods that help reduce the emission of Co2 and that have less environmental impact.

Now you can enjoy environmentally friendly towels that you can use with peace of mind every day.





A symbol of Japan -  Active, passionate, advanced, vibrant, dynamic, impactful...


Quality & Tradition - Safe, sensitive, secure,  quality, trust, history and tradition, sharpness, and calmness...


Unlimited Possibilities - Pure colours, tenderness, cleanliness, innocence, healing, sincerity, softness, and compassionate love...



Only products that meet a number of unique quality standards can be called "Imabari Towel Brand Certified Products".

Quality Standards for Amane Towels







Always wash new towels

Imabari towels are made to the highest standards however we always recommend you wash them to remove any fine dust before use.

Do not use excessive softener

While the softening agent has an antistatic effect and makes it feel soft, it may impair the original water absorption of the towel or cause fluffing easily. We recommend that you avoid using softeners as much as possible in order to maintain long-term water absorption. If you feel it is getting harder, use a small amount.

Rinse with plenty of water

Washing with plenty of water like a towel will prevent the fabric from being damaged and will also help prevent fluff from falling off. Since the amount of water used in a drum-type washing machine is set low, we recommend setting a slightly higher amount of water before washing.

Shake and dry towel in a well-ventilated, shaded place.

Prolonged direct sunlight causes the fibers to stiffen, and UV rays cause the color of towels to fade quickly. Shake the towel to make the pile stand and then dry it in a shaded area to increase the volume and softness.

Cut the pile out at the root

Pile is easy to get caught by nails. If you wash your towel with items that have velcro or fasteners, it may be caught and the pile may come off and become stuck. In the case of a slight pile pull-out, pull in the direction in which the fabric is woven and cut the pile root.

A few more tips...

To prevent the pile from falling out and fluff coming off, we recommend that you wash the towel only with other towels. Tumble drying can sometimes cause towels to shrink slightly so we recommend natural drying. If chlorine bleach is used for other fibers, it may adhere to the towel unknowingly and cause discoloration, so be careful.