FAQ: Is Amane suitable for my shower?

Amane Mist-Sensation Showers are suitable for most standard, electric and power showers that use the standard 1/2 Inch hose.  Amane Showers work within a wide power range so from very weak water supplies to showers fitted with a pump.

Operating temperature: 1 to 60 °C
Operating water pressure: 0.05 to 0.4 Mpa

FAQ: Suitable for electric shower?

We recommend the standard Amane Range (Blue, White, Pink, Clear) or the O2-S Deluxe series for electric Showers.  In some circumstances we recommend using the eco-stop-lever without using the stop-lever function.

Amane Showers are set to a maximum of 35% water saving effect to avoid building up too much back pressure on your shower.  Typical showers with a 50% water saving effect sometimes create too much pressure and damage your shower.  As a result Amane is designed for a maximum of 35% water saving.  Please contact a plumber if you are unsure what your system requirements are.

If you have an electric shower you can use the eco-stop-lever model however please be aware that the water temperature may vary when turning back on your shower. Also if you hear any unusual noise when using the stop-lever we recommend using without the use of the stop-lever.
Also Amane Shower Heads are not suitable for shower heads that are plumbed/fixed straight into the wall (i.e. no hose).

How can I estimate the likely improvement I’ll see with my shower? 

AMANE HEAVENLY RAIN SHOWERS are designed to boost the power of any shower.   The ideal operating water pressure should be at least 0.05Mpa, however to give you a rough guide, place your old shower head on the ground with the spray pointing towards the ceiling and turn on the water, as illustrated below.  Typically if your current shower head spray is 3-6 feet high, AMANE HEAVENLY RAIN will approximately double the hight to 6-12 feet.  If you already have strong water pressure, AMANE HEAVENLY RAIN will again increase the power however you will also notice that you will get soaking wet quicker, rinse your hair more throughly and also notice your skin will be nice and soft.  Just some of the extra benefits.  To help even more please see videos of the difference AMANE HEAVENLY RAIN SHOWER HEAD make to rain showers, power showers, electric showers and low water pressure showers. Watch "Before and after" Customer Videos here!  



FAQ: Are Amane Shower Heads easy to Install?


Simply twist-off old shower head, wipe hose threads with a damp cloth, twist on new head and you’re good to go!  


FAQ: Are Amane Shower Heads easy to clean?

For best performance, from time to time you may need to clean the shower plate.

If you notice that the power is weaker or that the spray jets are at unusual angles, simply clean the plate using the 30 second procedure below.


Our unique shower plate holes are 0.19 mm in diameter on the outside and 0.4 mm on the inside. This allows the water to unclogg any impurities (especially in hard water areas) and restore your spray!

If you live in a hard water area also clean the internal filter or replace with new as required.


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