About Us


amane was born in the land of the Rising Sun near Mount Fuji outside Tokyo... and was invented by OMCO EAST JAPAN LTD an innovative water filtration and bottled water company established over 45 years ago.

OMCO East Japan Co., Ltd. has been committed to developing quality, innovative, “water-conscious” related products, including water purifiers, filters, showers and drinking water ever since 9th March 1974.

 OMCO look for new innovative solutions that harness the power of water yet stay in harmony with nature and the World around us!  

Water is a vital source of life. It is important that we protect this natural resource and find more ways to live in harmony with nature.  

OMCO products offer more choices for everyday life that aim to be both kind to you and kind to the environment. Water has many amazing properties and OMCO have developed a new brand “amane” to bring more innovative solutions to market that you can enjoy everyday.


In 2019, OMCO set up a subsidiary – OMCO HIGASHINIHON INTERNATIONAL LTD – to cater for sales, distribution and development for the European and US Markets, so that more people can enjoy amane products everyday!



If there is anything we can help you with please contact us by emailing info@amane-heavenly-rain.com and we’d be delighted to help!  

If you would like to be a partner, distributor or retail stockist please contact us at sales@amane-heavenly-rain.com

Arigatō Gozaimasu!