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    Have you ever wondered what is in your soap or shampoo? Eliminating unnecessary substances is more important than adding. Hot Tab studied the health benefits of traditional Japanese Spas, and acts through its natural formula with bicarbonate ion on skin, so you can enjoy the 5-in-1 benefits in the comfort of your home.
    Hot tab 5-in1 Benefits

    Experience the gentle cleansing power of Hot Tabs Bio Shower!

    Hot Tab’s “triple ion” Bicarbonate Bio Shower (biocarbonate ion + hydrogen ion + vitamin C) promotes inner beauty by increasing blood flow and circulation - helping your natural beauty shine through!

    Simply open your amane shower head, pop in one Hot Tab, shower body and hair letting the water spray slowly over your whole body (approximately 4-8 minutes) and enjoy the 5-in-1 benefits of our new Hot Tab Bio Shower!