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Enjoy eco-friendly bath Mats made of clay thousands of years old...

This amazing bath mat is made of earth (100%) - nothing added but skill - more specifically, diatomaceous earth; a naturally occurring, highly absorbent material created over centuries on the sea bed.  This Japanese earth retains water very efficiently, dries quickly and has very effective deodorizing properties.

For centuries traditional Japanese homes have been plastered with this special clay which helps keep a lovely ambient temperature throughout both winter and summer. 

When you step onto a Konoha bath mat you’ll appreciate the difference - they feel great!  


✅ eco-Friendly Bath Mat
✅ Traditional Japanese Techniques
✅ Handcrafted by Experts

✅ Absorbs Water
✅ Dries Naturally
✅ Natural Feel & Touch

✅ Fully Recyclable
✅ Diatomaceous Earth
✅ 100% Japanese
✅ Asbestos FREE


MADE IN JAPAN with natural, renewable materials.

Size: (H)30mm x (W)505mm x (D)303mm

Weight: 6.5KG 

Materials: 100% Diatomaceous Earth


Helping shape a better future...

Konoha "Gifts of Nature" products are completely handmade using traditional Japanese plastering techniques and special Japanese diatomaceous earth which is renowned for its excellent water absorption and dehumidifying properties.

We have successfully condensed and packed this natural blessing in the graciously designed articles, which are gentle enough for sensitive skin and highly recyclable.

Konoha "Gifts of Nature" products aim to help shape a better future by using eco-friendly and people-friendly designs.

We like to say "kinder to you, kinder to the environment".


Handcrafted using traditional techniques...

The finest traditional plastering techniques are used to blend earth materials, and the beautiful finish is created through skilful use of the plater’s trowel.
 Each craftsman owns over 100 trowels, switching between them at the various stages and crafts no more than 20 pieces a day.
Each product is made with care and dedication. We work with earth, moulding it into our designs, thus creating Konoha ‘Gifts of Nature products. 

Once crafted each piece is left to dry over 45 days!

At Konoha Gifts of Nature, we like to take natural materials from the earth and find  new places for them in our future... so you can enjoy nature at its best!



What is diatomaceous earth?

Diatomaceous earth, or diatomite, is formed from the fossilised remains of phytoplankton that accumulate over hundreds of thousands of years at the bottom of seas and lakes. In Japan, the three regions that are renowned for products made of diatomaceous earth, are Hokkaido, the Tohoku region and the Noto peninsula. When heated, diatomaceous earth turns into a substance of porous structure (with numerous pores on the micrometer scale) with high water absorption and moisture retention properties. Our “K o n o h a ” products are created from diatomaceous earth by the meticulous handcrafting of our expert plasterers. Since no overglazing or processing treatments are used in the production of “Konoha” products, after use they will eventually return to their original, natural state. Colors of the “konoha” products There are colors of “konoha” products: white products are made of earth from Akita, pink products are made of the earth from Noto, Ishikawa, and blue products are made of the earth from Akita mixed with pigment, respectively.


Natural Colours:

Each bath mat gets it colour form the special diatomaceous earth found in the 3 key regions of Japan - Hokkaido, Tohoku, and the Noto peninsula.  

White comes from the Akita Coast.   Pink from the Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa and Blue comes from Akita and pigment.  No asbestos is used in this bath mat.





These are solid bath mats made of diatomaceous earth. The mats absorb water from your feet after a bath and also ensure your feet are dry as you step off the mat.

Unlike an ordinary bath mat, this mat feels dry moments after it is used. As the water evaporates quickly, the surface may feel cool, but since the material is “earth”, it does not become cool like a stone.

It is recommended to dry it in the sun once a week to prevent it from getting mouldy, but otherwise there is no need to clean the bath mat. Since the mat weighs approximately 6kg it is stable.

Do not place it on an uneven surface or on top of another fabric mat, as damage may be caused. If your floor is uneven we recommend placing small silicone feet in each corner under your bath mat to help make it more stable. This will also allow air to circulate underneath. Sudden impact on the bath mat could cause cracks of breakages.


Usage Tips

This Material is Fragile

This productʼs main Ingredient is diatomaceous earth. Due to the nature of the material, it can be fragile so please be careful when using and avold dropping or hitting it as this may cause it to crack or chip. If your floor is uneven we recommend placing small silicone feet in each corner under your bath mat to help make it more stable. This will also allow air to circulate underneath. Sudden impact on the bath mat could cause cracks of breakages. The diatomaceous earth has not been hardened so as to not lose any of its characteristics. Damp items, such as soap dishes, may damage the surface of the diatomaceous earth causing it to melt and peel off, or cause discoloration or color transfer. This is not an issue with the quality of the product.

Do Not Allow it to be Constantly Damp

Please do not place anything under your bath mat, especially a towel or cloth that could retain moisture - if the bath mat is constantly damp it could cause it to weaken or crack. There is also a risk of mould if the product is constantly wet or in an location with extremely high humidity.

Unable to be Washed

You cannot wash this product. If this product is washed, it will become extremely easy to break. *This product cannot be dried in the microwave.


Care Tips

Restoring Moisture Absorption

A decrease in moisture absorption is caused by the porous material being clogged. You can restore it by removing the substance that is causing the clog. If water absorption reduces, please rub it with sandpaper (such as 240 grit). For products containing pebbles, after removing particles and residue, such as soap, on the surface with a brush, gently rinse with water and dry thoroghly.

Sun and Shade Drying

Please dry bath mats in the sun. For smaller items please dry in the shade. 

PLEASE BE GENTLE WITH ALL PRODUCTS TO PREVENT CHIPS & CRACKS, and for bath mat please use on a flat surface with the logo side down.



Please note that, as all “konoha” products are handmade by specialist plasterers, air removal in the production process can lead to slight variance in color and tone and surface patterning. This in no way affects the properties and quality of the products.


Q1 What are the main materials used in Konoha products?
It is made by firing a fossil of phytoplankton called diatomaceous earth.
Q2 What are the characteristics of diatomaceous earth?
There are many invisible fine holes (called pores) that absorb water and moisture
Q3 Are colour dye added to make the different colours?
No. All are natural colours.
The natural colour of diatomaceous earth is incorporated into the product as it is.
A series of four colours that are easy on the eyes and light, such as diatomaceous earth from Akita and Ishikawa prefectures.

WHITE: Diatomaceous earth from Akita prefecture
BLACK: Diatomaceous earth from Akita prefecture + carbon pigment
PINK: Diatomaceous earth from Ishikawa prefecture
GREEN: Diatomaceous earth from Akita prefecture + Asahi soil from Ishikawa prefecture
Q4 What are the colour irregularities and spots on the product?
Since the Konoha products are handmade one by one by plasterers, the shades of colour that are created when the mixed materials are solidified may look like patterns. There is no quality problem, so please use it with confidence.
Q5 Will Konoha products break if dropped or applied with force?
Yes, it will crack.  Konoha products are not baked and hardened so as not to impair the characteristics of diatomaceous earth, so they may crack due to impact.
If damaged, be careful of debris.
Q6 Is there anything I should be careful about when moving Konoha products?
In a dry state, hold the whole with both hands and move it. The diatomaceous earth becomes brittle when it contains a large amount of water and may crack. Be especially careful when moving the dispenser tray and amenity tray.
Also, please avoid leaning against a wall when drying in the sun.
Q7 If it breaks, is it possible to use it by sticking it with an adhesive?
Unfortunately, it cannot be glued together.
Q8 What is the treatment method and whether or not it can be reused when it is broken or no longer needed?
Dispose of it as garbage in the same way as pottery, and dispose of it according to the prescribed method.  It is possible to put it in a highly breathable bag such as cloth and reuse it as a desiccant, but please be careful as it may cause injury due to debris.  At that time, please be aware that fine powder will come out from the diatomaceous earth.
Q9 How to care for Konoha products?
The basic care is sun drying.   If it gets dirty or stained, apply bleach, rinse it with running water within 1 minute, and dry it thoroughly in the sun. Items that contain food, such as drying blocks and food containers, need to be completely dried.
Even if it looks dry, it retains moisture inside, so be sure to dry it well before use.
Q10 Is it okay to wash with soap when cleaning?
Please avoid using it as it may cause clogging and mold.
Q11 Is the deodorizing power limited?
If you feel that the deodorization has stopped, after using it for a certain period of time, take it out from time to time, expose it to the outside air, and let it dry to restore the effect. Soaking the drying egg for about 30 minutes and the freshen for 10 minutes in water for a short time will further restore the deodorizing power, but do not leave it soaked for a long time.

* Please use after completely drying the moisture that has penetrated inside (a full day in the summer is a guide).
* Cannot be dried in the microwave.
Q12 Are you worried about radioactive contamination of diatomaceous earth, which is the main material?
The diatomaceous earth used for soil is produced in Akita and Ishikawa prefectures, and is excavated from 40 meters underground.  The radioactivity test of the manufacturer that produces diatomaceous earth also shows that the test value is zero, and no contamination such as cesium is found.
Q13 Is the side with the Konoha logo on the front? 
Most products have the logo side on the back, so please use the logo side on the back. 
Q14 Why do I need to use the logo on the back?
Products that you should always use with the logo side upside down are bath mats, bath mat squares, and coasters. 

For the two types of bath mats, the material is put into a mold and finished smoothly with a trowel from above, so the logo surface side in contact with the mold is finished more smoothly.
To prevent cracking, we recommend that you use it with its smooth surface facing down.

In addition, the coaster has a scratch-resistant silicone coating on the back side, so the back side does not absorb water.

Konoha in Japanese

The Japanese word Konoha stands for "Gifts of Nature” and the Konoha brand gets its name from the national flower and tree of Japan, the Cherry Blossom.  In Japanese Konoha refers to the leaves or the blossoms of trees… or gifts of nature.  

Konoha has several meanings, sometimes referring to the gifts of the land, from the earth to the trees, crops, plants and also the leaves and blossoms all lovingly born from nature.  


The national flower and tree of Japan, cherry blossoms are symbolic of all that makes Konoha “ Gifts of Nature” special.

CHERRY BLOSSOM PINK - is the colour of universal love, friendship, affection, inner peace, harmony, openness renewal and joy... the leaf helps remind us of the importance of eco-friendly solutions. 

Spiritual meanings and symbolism of cherry tree blossom represents about pleasantness, goodness, sweetness of life and with that a powerful fortune that can be worth of living. In Buddhist path it tells about meditation, honesty, principles, integrity.

All Konoha products have been thoughtfully created with natural “Gifts of Nature" from Japan  - we hope you enjoy!